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Autor Wątek: The cleansing mixture  (Przeczytany 141718 razy)

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« : 01-09-2015, 10:26 »

The cleansing mixture is a selection of practical recommendations from the four-volume book Health at own request. These are the recommendations necessary to implement preventive health care, so we can not only maintain health, but also get rid of many diseases, of course, not with drugs, but putting only on health, because health is a universal remedy for all diseases.

It should be emphasized that Health at own request is not another item from the cycle "101 ways for 1000 diseases", which now multiplied on the market, but a compendium of health containing comprehensive knowledge about health, without which one cannot reasonably take care of it. Well, how to take care of something, if you do not know what it is? And it is something completely different than what health medicine calls it, followed by the mass media. It is not important what medicine - conventional, natural, or any other, because medicine is not interested in health, and only in business associated with the treatment of diseases. And that has so much in common with health, that it is its denial, and that is because health does not require medicines, even those most natural of natural, or any medical services. Health is health, that's all. It itself it enough to not get sick. However, the value of health is not given to us once and for all. To have it, one should take care of it, and it should be done when one has it, because if one loses it, there is no longer what to take care about. It remains only to heal, usually for the rest of life. It should be borne in mind, preferably in advance.

Taking care of health just to keep it, so not to get sick, or not to have to use medical services, is called preventive health care, invented by Hippocrates. His definition of prevention is as follows: Preventive health care is the prevention of disease through fixation of the proper patterns of a healthy lifestyle.

Everything points to the fact that Hippocrates drew his knowledge from the Chinese Taoists, because during his life (460 BC - 370 BC) in China there was a popular Taoist medicine mainstream, which assumed that nature is perfect, so there is nothing to correct. Just follow its rights, because the violation of the eternal laws of nature is the cause of health loss. A Taoist medical doctor is first and foremost a teacher who trains people how not to get sick, intervening only in emergency and unforeseen circumstances.

Taoists list 6 reasons of health loss:
1. Improper nutrition
2. Insufficient sleep and rest
3. Incorrect quantity and quality of physical movement
4. Improper emotional state
5. Malfunction of symptomatic medicine
6. Inability to adapt to environmental changes

Especially in these times this last point becomes important, because never in the history the environmental changes have occurred so quickly. Nor they were so radical. The result of these changes is not only the increasing number of illnesses that haunted humanity since the beginning, but above all, there are new diseases unknown to people. Then there appeared new drugs, and behind them an unparalleled in the history growth of pharmaceutical giants, which soon dominated the medicine. The treatment of diseases has become the most profitable industry.

Taoist medical doctors were rewarded only if their patients were healthy, but when one of them got sick - a doctor not only did not receive payment, but still had to treat him at his own expense.
The post of a doctor of the Chinese imperial family was tempting because of the lavish salary, but also his responsibility was commensurate with the salary. In case of illness of one of the members of the imperial family a doctor caring for him not only lost wages but in addition he was punished by flogging, while in the case of illness of the emperor himself he could even lose his life.

Currently, a doctor is not rewarded for a healthy patient. The pharmaceutical and medical business welcomes the emergence of any new disease, and if this is not enough - a new disease is simply founded by organizing the so-called preventive tests, or simply invented. Everything to only sell more and more drugs and medical services. In this situation, no one is interested in preventive health care, defined as disease prevention.

In general, the present pharmaceutical and medical business is based on the treatment of diseases, therefore, any so-called health recommendations are essentially pathogenic. Are we powerless in this situation? Oh, no, because we can successfully do without the medical and pharmaceutical cartel and its pathogenic recommendations and take our health into our own hands. That's what Health at own request is about, and the most important thesis presents The cleansing mixture.

The cleansing mixture can be ordered by calling the following number: +48 508 442 064 or by writing to the following e-mail:

The publication is free which means that the customer does not incur any cost, including shipping costs.

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« Odpowiedz #1 : 01-09-2015, 12:07 »

It itself it enough to not get sick.

Powinno być: is.

takie mam konie narowiste, jakie sam wybrałem...
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